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Sidenor’s open innovation core

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Are you an innovative start-up company? We would like to collaborate with you

Sidenor 612 is a space to work on data projects, artificial intelligence and new technologies. A transformative learning laboratory which will promote and foster a culture of innovation all over the world.

This open innovation system will actively live side by side with other external agents, as well as the ecosystem of start-up companies.

With Sidenor 612, we are advancing towards a new industry for a more sustainable world. A better world for people who live in it. Our strategic focuses are the following:

Optimización de procesos

Process optimization

  • Business processes (internal and external value chain)
  • Logistics
  • Accessibility, traceability
  • Innovation platforms (connectivity to external agents)
Energía y economía circular

Energy and circular economy

  • Energy efficiency
  • New energy sources
  • Decarbonization
  • Circularity
  • Reverse logistics


  • New materials and qualities
  • Custom and smart products
  • New uses and applications
  • New steels-Green Steel
  • New raw material shapes and sources
  • New types of scrap
Sostenibilidad e impacto

Sustainability and impact

  • New ways of working
  • People safety and well-being
  • Digital employee
  • Ethical governance
  • Social impact
  • Brand positioning and communication
  • New business models

Discover our 2 collaboration models

Venture client

Sidenor’s Start-up Station facilitates the development and growth of your start-up company

The Venture client focus will allow us to develop commercial relationships between the start-up companies and Sidenor.

The Venture client focus will allow us to develop commercial relationships between the start-up companies and Sidenor.

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Open innovation program

Can your start-up company support some of our strategic focuses?

We would like to collaborate with agents (start-up companies) in order to grow thanks to pilots and offer innovative solutions to challenges, so that Sidenor might become more competitive and sustainable.

Fill in the form, describe your strengths

We will analyze the information received and will contact you if we have doubts

Start-up companies with medium to high potential will then be included in Sidenor’s databank of start-up companies de Sidenor and have the possibility to perform a PoC

Identification of challenges and analysis of strategic challenges

We analyze possible solutions to the challenge: Matching start-up companies

Selection of a start-up company project: completion of a PoC

Corporate venturing

A new way of corporate entrepreneurship

We boost innovation processes through a direct connection to entrepreneurs and start-up companies, which allows us to capture talent and find technology and new business models.

Because we know that it is not easy to start and believe in new solutions which allow us to grow and improve, we have created Sidenor’s Corporate Venture. Introduce your start-up company, explain how it makes a difference.

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Start-up companies with which we have collaborated

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